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Recipe | Refreshing Gazpacho

This fresh gazpacho soup is a summer favourite as it requires minimal effort in the kitchen - it's literally a case of washing the vegetables and throwing them into the blender to make a delicious summer soup that's ready in a matter of minutes. I recommend preparing at least 15 minutes before serving and giving the soup a chance to chill in the fridge before serving cold with a slice of granary bread and smashed avocado.

Serves 2


- 440g medium tomatoes

- 4 inches cucumber

- 8 pitted black olives-

- 2 spring onions (including the green)

- 1 handful basil

- A few mint leaves (optional)

- Squeeze of lemon & lime

- Salt and black pepper


1. Wash and place all ingredients in blender and blitz for about 15-30 seconds depending on how smooth you like your soup

2. Leave to chill in fridge for 15 minutes before serving

3. Optional toppings: chilli flakes, black pepper & cucumber slices

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