Nutritional Therapy is a complementary medicine practice that provides a highly personalised approach to promoting optimal health and wellbeing. It considers the interplay of the all bodily systems and considers the state of disease as the result of nutritional imbalances within the body. Using a range of assessment tools, including gaining a thorough understanding of symptom onset and history, therapists are able to identify and address possible imbalances within the body in order to improve an individual's health. 

The Naturopathic Approach

- The body can heal itself, given the right conditions

- Treat the cause not the symptoms

- Treat the whole individual, recognising the interplay of physical, mental, genetic, environmental and social factors

- Prevention before cure

- Intuition is key to achieving optimal health


Nutritional Therapy appointments are available at home or via Skype, giving you the option to receive nutritional advice and support at your convenience. 

Example areas that can be supported include:

Fertility & pregnancy | PMS | PCOS | menopause | weight support | diabetes & blood sugar | immunity | autoimmunity | emotional & psychological wellbeing | digestive health | stress & sleep | skin health | migraines & headache | allergies | fatigue & energy | musculoskeletal health | cardiovascular health | blood pressure 


A questionnaire and food diary will be sent to you to complete prior to your consultation.

Initial Consultation

A 60-90 minute consultation conducted at home or via Skype. This time involves a full complementary health assessment to gain thorough understanding of presenting symptoms, medical history, dietary and lifestyle habits, and personal health goals. The consultation discussion will provide you with a naturopathic understanding of your body's nutritional status and possible imbalances to address. Your thorough nutrition and lifestyle plan will be emailed to you within 72 hours of your initial appointment and on-going email support it provided.


The follow-up consultation will take place around 4 weeks later and usually takes 30-40 minutes. During this time your progress and/or any challenges from the plan are discussed, adjusting and/or building on the initial recommendations accordingly. Nutritional therapy requires a step-wise approach, working towards varying goals. Therefore additional follow-ups will be advised on a client-by-client basis, usually recommended every 4-8 weeks thereafter.

Additional Testing

In some cases further testing may be recommended, either via your doctor or via a functional testing lab. Tests can range from blood to urine, hair, saliva, or stool sampling, and are suggested in order to generate clearer insight into an individual's unique health status. Other benefits include: monitoring conditions and progress, identifying vitamin and nutrient excess or insufficiency, identifying hormonal status, digestive system imbalances, allergy or intolerance identification, genetic susceptibility, etc. An individual's finances will always be considered and tests prioritised accordingly. Results will be discussed during follow-up  appointments and will feed into your nutritional and lifestyle plan.